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Apr 17, 2023
8:26 AM
I recently inherited a vintage Koch chromatic that is missing its slider button. I tried contacting a couple of the repair guys that Rockin' Ron recommends with a "I don't sell parts" from one and a no reply from another. Anyone have a button to fit they would sell me?
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Apr 19, 2023
6:39 AM
Yeah, I’m Mr. “I don’t sell parts”.
I think I recommended George Miklas, he might be the other fellow who hasn’t replied yet.
You can fashion a button from Sugru, it works! I made a button (I bet that’s not the right word) for the pickup selector on my double neck Ztar, it’s still in place after many years.
You could also carve a button from wood.
Or buy a 260 slide from Hohner, that will probably work.
Selling parts is time consuming and not lucrative, it’s even less fun than replacing wind savers.
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Apr 30, 2023
12:16 PM
I made a replacement for a slide button using a fairly stiff plastic washer. It has an outside diameter a bit smaller than a dime coin. You could take the slide piece with you to a hardware store and then find the right washer. The washer slides over the remaining part of the slide where the button fell off. This fix works quite well, no glue needed, very simple, effective, and nearly free.

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