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La Mesa Spring Harp Fest
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Apr 11, 2023
9:16 PM
I wasn’t there (I’m in Oklahoma now).
Anybody have anything to report?
I know Issac is still there.
Ted doesn’t seem to go.
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Apr 13, 2023
3:00 PM
Hi All,
For those curious or interested, I attended the 21st Annual Harp Fest 2013 in La Mesa (San Diego). There is a Facebook and Website so there could be something up there by now but here is what I can share:
1. From my time in San Diego 1977-1979 when I was playing full-time in the "Tall Cotton" Honky Tonk Band and as far as I was aware it was just myself and Kenny Schopmeyer as the only two full-time pro players, the current organizers did not know me from then so rather than have a full spot in the line-up I was directed to get in on the "Unknown Players" blow-off. I did so and was awarded the trophy for that....decided by audience applause volume. My friend's assistant made a little video of that for YouTube:

2. My friend from childhood (David Stoeber) who I moved here with in 1977, he plays guitar, Banjo, Piano and harp on the side for fun. He had been the "Unknown Players" winner from the last event 2019 (it's been off due to Covid) so he was the show opener. I brought my Bassman and let him and several other players use my amp. Some of his playing is here:

3. Kyle Rowland was the "headliner" and I chatted with him but did not see his set as I went to play at Humphrey's on Shelter Island.

4. Turnout was great, I would estimate about 400 to 600 people. Weather was good, many families and harp enthusiasts.

5. Several Local San Diego Bands, a standout for me was Mark Bukich. He played ALL Little Walter tunes (done well) but he had a very cool GA-77 Gibson with the 15" ceramic speaker, one of the best sounding amps I have heard live.....and I have owned about 9 original Bassmans, Sonny Jr's, Tweed Pro's, Concerts, etc.

6. They invited me for a spot in the line-up next year so that was cool. All-in-All people seemed real glad to be out enjoying live music.

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Apr 14, 2023
5:03 PM
Thanks Gabriel.

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