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Medley -Harp rack
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816 posts
Mar 06, 2023
8:20 AM
Live Bishop ca 3/3/23
Roadhouse Resteraunt---^-9 Get home early F...in beautiful to get home early

I do "back to the City" Marc Almond------to 'Oye como va' Santana

I use My Vocal harmonizer pedal sparingly

Will figure better phone placement as time goes

i have 2 bad fingers pointer is arthritic and has 70% movement
My little finger is permanently bent helps on 9th chords with added 13---

work with what u got --never give up

Not my smoothest transition usually nail it--whatever
oye como va at 4:57

Last Edited by snowman on Mar 06, 2023 8:28 AM
817 posts
Mar 06, 2023
8:23 AM
Ps Im not left handed--- To use phone facing me ===so i could make sure it was recording---it comes out makin me me look left handed

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