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Hohner Rocket
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Mar 02, 2023
9:08 PM
The Rocket and Rocket Amp seem like quality harmonicas. The main selling point is that Hohner claims they are louder. It is difficult for me to tell if that is true. Any opinions? It doesn't matter much if you're playing electric, but it be important if you're playing acoustically. Are they worth $10 more than the Special 20?
499 posts
Mar 03, 2023
4:54 AM
I have Rockets in LD and LF and a few other keys. Love the lows. All are loud and good. My preference is Special 20s, however, having played them for years. I've opened the backs on all mine and they definitely play louder than before. I can't discern any significant difference in volume between the S20s with open backs and the Rockets. There might be some subtle differences in tone for ears better than mine. If you have a S20, open it and try. I don't hear a $10 difference, but to each his own. I'll be interested in how others respond on this thread.

Phil Pennington
1104 posts
Mar 03, 2023
3:11 PM
Now my favorite harp. Worth the extra dough if you like the open back and nicer comb. Still need to be gapped though.
421 posts
Mar 04, 2023
9:39 AM
I personally spend the the price difference for Rocket harmonicas.
I like the responsiveness of them.

I think they might be a little louder but a lot of that depends on the person playing so that can be a bit subjective.
I have several of them, and use other brands as well.
Good luck

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