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importance of recording yourself
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Feb 23, 2023
8:16 AM
I have recordings of my self over the years

It is one of the best ways to stay and be humbled. I recently listened to something I did 5 years ago. It wasn't terrible, but I thought I was better than that then. I wasn't and Im still not.

2 things have helped me a lot.

1] listening to myself play from the past---usually humbling, occasionally surprising. What I thought was great---years later I hear my sloppiness and a few things I did well.

2] going back to old songs and restudying them.. Sometimes I realized the song wasn't as tough as I thought---sometime I realized, i missed a lot of important stuff. skipped it if u will--cuz at the time I couldn't do it. It definitely goes both ways.

One of my first songs deep purple "lazy"----is an example---some old corky siegal " Siegal Scwall Band" stuff---- again it goes both ways

knowing how much "I dont Know" keeps me "slowy" moving forward

Ps Try to find any old Siegal Scwall band stuff---I really liked them--they had one lead done on a mandolin ----classic


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