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Princeton Reverb
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Dec 08, 2022
4:26 PM
Princeton Reverb, 1978, aka ‘pull-boost’ model.
I’ve had this amp for over 10 years. For the last few years its been my regular rehearsal amp but on gigs I’ve been using a Sonny Junior II, until this last week when I’ve taken the PR twice. I’m gonna keep using it from now until I encounter a situation where it’s not adequate
Mods/changes: Weber 10A125-O (thanks, TetonJohn!), bias adjustment pot installed in the hole previously housing the extension speaker jack. 12AT7 in the PI. V1 may be a 5751 or 12AY7. Mojotone PT with 240vac primary (for Australian domestic power).
Mic/settings: high output CR mic, Input 1. Volume around 2.5-2.75, bass 8.5-9, treble 1.5-2.5, reverb as desired, Tremolo speed and intensity both 0
One thing I think may be quite important; the amp is small enough it can easily be raised on a table or chair and fit it into space near back of stage, far enough behind me and raised enough for me to hear and have a pretty good idea of what it sounds like in context of the band.
Approving comments from sound engineer were all about the amp but I believe its mainly about how the audibility allows me to adjust my playing. Its only taken me 6 years in this band to sort things out
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Dec 08, 2022
6:15 PM
Hey, SB.
Funny you should mention the 10A125-O; after selling to you quite a while ago, I ended up buying another one from Weber a couple of years ago. It's the one that has stayed in the amp now. I guess my taste has refined!
Like you, the amp has become my go-to gigging amp in the current situation. Rather than behind me, I have it on a small amp stand in front of me, pointing up at me like a monitor (miked to PA). Working great. But pointing at me, folks can't see what a cool amp I have!!
I almost wish it wasn't so good -- it's the amp I have that would actually sell for a big chunk (pre-CBS, no Fender label on the grill cloth). I guess it will be part of my "estate!"
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Dec 08, 2022
11:09 PM
Way cooler than mine, TJ! Mine is the least cool ‘vintage’ PR. In Australia these amps are much scarcer than in the states. I paid AUD$1200 for this one 10 years ago. I’d have little trouble selling it but I always say that if you see it for sale you’ll know I’m done.
I like that idea of pointing it at me, but I’d have to mic it. In the situations we commonly play, with my band, it seems to go alright. I’ve got a couple of bigger outdoor stages coming up next year so maybe I’ll try it out there. One of those is so far off the ground it’s going to be all about the FOH towers.
I appreciate that speaker. Still the best 10” I’ve used although the speakers in my older Deville were pretty good. I think they were Eminence Legend 1028s

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