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Funderaising tune for Phil Wiggins
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Nov 11, 2022
4:08 PM
I organized a tune to raise money for Phil Wiggins, who has cancer. It is at Tom Walbank/Bandcamp and is $10. We all have many different opinions about harp but are all family, and if one of us goes down, we all get together, so please help out if you can. The list of players on this project is kind of like a player's dream team. Charlie Musselwhite, Kim Wilson, Jason Ricci, Adam Gussow, Joe Filisko, Aki Kumar, Bob Corritore, Vicent Bucher, Marco Pandolfi and many more. All proceeds go to Phil who has given the okay for the project. Thanks again, Tom Walbank

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Nov 13, 2022
4:41 PM
met him at Foxfire hill country clinic

Very genuine, old school good guy--great player-

If u met him--- youd want to help

went to your bandcamp didn't see the deal

Is there a pay pal account to donate???

Thanks for doing this---hes a great guy
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Nov 14, 2022
5:04 AM
I used this link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/team-love-for-phil-wiggins----------
Phil Pennington
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Nov 14, 2022
8:50 AM
hope this is ok on forum

donate here


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Nov 14, 2022
5:35 PM

Go to bandcamp, type in my name in the search engine, my profile with various albums should pop up, click on the CELEBRATING PHIL WIGGINS album cover , then the buy digital album button. Also, there is a seperate go fund me/ Phil Wiggins page (thanks snowman and fil)where you can also donate.Please share this info on social media as much as you can!! p.s. snowman, the link to the music isn't on his web page, it's on bandcamp
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Nov 15, 2022
10:49 AM
The track is now available for download on Phil Wiggins bandcamp page, thanks again, Tom
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Nov 17, 2022
10:22 AM
I tried going to Tom Walbank----To Phil Wiggins---on band camp

I see the album cover On toms---I click on everything--still unable to listen and or buy

Doin somthin wrong????

When I click on "live at Gaslight" it gives me option to buy--

When I click on everything imaginable for Wiggins deal , i just get bounced around???

Sorry 4 trouble
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Nov 18, 2022
1:23 AM
Thanks for the update. The gofundme link is working. Happy to pitch in. Phil gave a workshop in Sydney about 5 years ago. Great player and nice guy.

BronzeWailer's YouTube
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Nov 22, 2022
11:04 AM
Snowman, the song is for sale on Phil Wiggin's page now, not mine. So, go to bandcamp, type Phil Wiggins in the search bar and then go to his page. Thanks to Bronzewailer too!

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