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Menphis mini amp
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15 posts
Oct 27, 2022
10:44 AM
Is the menphis mini 5watt amp as good as people say I've seen one for £400 is that a fair price
86 posts
Oct 27, 2022
12:56 PM
Seems pretty steep to me when you consider it is a Chinese made, printed circuit board based amp with perhaps a couple of tweaks.
412 posts
Oct 30, 2022
1:50 PM
Yeah, that seems too high and I don't think it's being produced anymore. Look at Stage 5 amps. Slightly better but don't know current price.
27 posts
Nov 07, 2022
10:43 AM
The Memphis Mini amp was discontinued long ago. The Stage 5 Amp is available here: https://www.stage5amps.com/

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