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Jazz Pro Tuning???
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Thievin' Heathen
1246 posts
Oct 01, 2022
6:36 PM
It seems to be a little difficult to find. What is Johhny Mars' Jazz Pro Tuning?
3080 posts
Oct 02, 2022
5:33 PM
Think I will ask Pat Missin—he might know.
3081 posts
Oct 13, 2022
6:29 AM
Pat wasn’t positive, but he did volunteer this:
“ It sounded like Tony Eyers' Major Cross at first, but there is a lower note in there. Also, I'm pretty sure it has the major seventh and octave as adjacent draw notes in the mid range of the harp.”
So I don’t know and that’s what he knows.
3082 posts
Oct 14, 2022
8:25 PM
Johnny seems to be selling Seydel harmonicas in this tuning.
3083 posts
Oct 15, 2022
8:48 AM
He replied to an email I sent, nice!
The harp is £98, all questions regarding the tuning can be revealed for a small price.
They look nice, go for it!
3084 posts
Oct 15, 2022
8:50 AM
BTW, my Jazz Pro tuning is Orchestra Bebop on a Chromatic harp.
Possibly too Zamfir-like for some of you, it gets the job done.

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