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Eastop Reeds ?
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Sep 03, 2022
9:45 AM
I bent and ruined my 4 blow on an Eastop A Harmonica

Dont like wasting time testing and trying, when someone here may have the answer.

What size reeds Does Eastop use?

Hohner Sp 20----GM---Crossover-and Standard marine band
have interchangeable reeds and sometimes the same reed is in 2 or 3 harp keys. My charts are at storage for that.

Lee Oscar has wider shorter reeds than Hohner.

Think my model is------- EastTop 10 Hole Professional Blues Harmonica with Riveted Reeds T008L

The reeds were riveted.

What size reeds Does Eastop use?
Can I use the reeds from these 2 reedplates on;
Hohner or Lee Oscar or Suzuki Manji?

I realize its only $22-$23 dollars for new harp—But i like to keep these as spare reeds to swap, when needed.


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Sep 03, 2022
12:56 PM
I think that the east top reads are the same size as the Suzuki reads, a little wider than Hohner.
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Sep 03, 2022
2:45 PM
if the reed is not broken off, you can massage it back into shape. At least that's true for brass reeds. I've had one experience with an Easttop reed where it broke when I tried to massage it - they're using a very hard, and apparently brittle grade of phosphor bronze.
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Sep 03, 2022
3:11 PM
G narly and winslow--

It started going flat quiet rapidly---

B4 I tune I always clean harp---Then flick reed to check strength---it didn't break in the middle but at the base.

In the past I had Herings fail the same way---I think Winslow is right-it reacted same way herings did--I think its a brittle grade.

Priced well though, so can't complain

its 105 degrees, in my shop storage unit, I'll mess with it later when things cool off.

I'll stick with hohner
thanks again
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Sep 04, 2022
11:00 AM
If I suspect a reed is on the verge of breaking, I plink (flick) it 100 times in rapid succession. If it's going to fail soon, that test well usually bring it on. If the reed survives the test, it's usually good for tuning up and anything else needed.
Harmonica lessons with one of the world's foremost experts
Check out my blog and other goodies at winslowyerxa.com
Harmonica For Dummies, Second Edition with tons of new stuff
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Sep 06, 2022
6:29 AM
If indeed East-Top reeds are the same as Suzuki reeds, that means that they are also the same size as Hohner reeds. Replacing a reed that is spotwleded at the base requires you to drill a hole in the reed plate and use a screw. If you harvest a reed off a Hohner, the rivet hole is already there. You will need to enlarge it to accommodate a screw. If you harvest a reed off a Suzuki, you will have to drill a hole in the base of the reed for the screw. A lot of guys use M1.4 screws. Personally, I use M1.6. Just a matter of personal preference.

Tom Halchak
Blue Moon Harmonicas
Blue Moon Harmonicas
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Sep 08, 2022
9:03 AM
Thank u guys

when the temp goes down -I'll go to my shop and play around--probably use it for back up reeds--not sure yet--Thanks again
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Sep 10, 2022
3:26 AM
Contact Easttop Bruce on Facebook. I contacted him and he sent me a reed for my Lucky13. I still have not soldered it on yet, but will do so soon.
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Sep 13, 2022
12:35 PM
Easttop makes replacement, welded-reeds reed plates available for their T008 series. They sell them on the Easttop Factory Store site on AliExpress.

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