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Shameless self-promo of my first CD
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J Bird
5 posts
Aug 16, 2022
8:26 AM
Hi everybody,

I would like to share a link with you for my debut CD, Crawlback featuring Johnny Bird, which was released in 2020.


We've received airplay on Cerys Matthews BBC Radio 2 Blues Show.

Bruce Iglauer says: "Certainly as good as some better-known American bands."

"This what we in da biz refer to as a keeper." - BluesBlast Magazine.

12 tracks of harmonica blues/rock n roll/R&B for only £5 plus p&P!

Many thanks, Johnny
778 posts
Aug 17, 2022
7:25 PM
liked what I heard ----I bought
----i belong bandcamp, dont understand how to use though---waitin for cd
J Bird
6 posts
Aug 18, 2022
5:33 AM
Thank you snowman!
2316 posts
Aug 24, 2022
1:43 PM
Lots of nice Melodic blues harp and in the pocket tunes

J Bird
7 posts
Aug 29, 2022
9:39 AM
Thanks! I see on your youtube channel a Moby Grape playlist. My father is a huge Moby Grape fan!
1571 posts
Sep 03, 2022
8:51 AM
Good stuff. I like the crunch.
Tom Halchak
Blue Moon Harmonicas
Blue Moon Harmonicas
791 posts
Sep 19, 2022
8:29 AM
Lately I've been trying to make up my own "chorus form" licks n fills, but I still steal all the time.

I bought yr cd. I really like '44'---the 2nd, 12 bar starts with a tongue flutter---a cool descending line to warbles- over I chord when it goes to IV chord you do same flutter to descend, no warbles

Last few years been trying to work on my draw 3-4 and 5-6 warbles as well as blow 3-4 4-5 5-6

so i made a backtrack 107 bpm ---I practice yr warbles and replace warbles with flutters--and vice verse

Really like yr descending line b4 warbles

Thanks for cd and somthin ndw to work on
J Bird
8 posts
Sep 22, 2022
10:24 AM
Many thanks, really pleased you got something out of it!

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