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Pearls of Wisdom
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Thievin' Heathen
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Jul 09, 2022
8:06 AM
"If you have been playing the exercises by reading the hole number and B or D markings, it is time to repeat them now and read the notes instead"

That's from Tommy Morgan's CHROMATIC HARMONICA 1987, pg. 22.
I was lucky enough to win an ebay auction, $1.99 for this book, last week. It arrived yesterday and I came across that sentence as I was reading it last night. I happened to be paying especially close attention because it was Tommy Morgan's book and it is not written in the normal down home hokey manner of most harmonica instruction books from that time period.

It occurred to me that if I had read this book in 1987, and headed that advice, I might be playing Chopin on harmonica by now. And then it also occurred to me that almost every one of the harmonica instruction books I purchased, back before the internet, probably contained a similarly important sentence. I seem to recall finding a 1 sentence mention of overblows in Tony Glover's book. I read that in about '77, but the only thing I got out of it was a couple of soaked harps.

I think I'm going to backtrack through my library, I'm old, it's extensive, and see what else I might have missed. It is a lot cheaper than going to the SPAH convention to be reminded of the wasted years, which is one of the unavoidable feelings I come away with from every SPAH convention. Of course, that may not be enough to keep me away, Tulsa is only about 275 miles from here.

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