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Paul Liden and Sean Costello
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May 18, 2022
6:11 AM
Haven't seen Paul's name come up outside of a single mention in a thread. I'll admit I wasn't aware of him until recently listening to a bunch of Sean Costello tunes and now I'm going down a bit of a rabbit hole.

Paul has a bunch of clips from 1999 on his channel performing with Sean. Certainly worth a listen. I understand Jason's inspiration for Double Trouble now.

Ridge's YouTube
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May 18, 2022
7:15 AM
Unfortunately, the only Paul Linden recording besides Sean Costello's albums that I found is "Harmonica Blow-Off ; New York State Rhythm & Blues Festival" that features him on 3 tunes, and also Dennis Gruenling, Sugar Ray Norcia and Tom Townsley.
If somebody know of other recodings, please let me know.
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Jan 27, 2024
1:17 PM
here's more:

youtube "Frankie Moates You Got It, Now Get It"

Bill sheffield back in my baby's arms

susan tedeschi austin city limits you need to be with me

ted burke
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Jan 31, 2024
10:44 AM

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