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BeatTab - Published at Last . . .
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May 03, 2022
3:53 PM
Finally — the BeatTab Harmonica Notation (tab) books are fully published. It’s been a long, long ride.

Now I gotta get the word out some. If anyone is interested per more info or links, see:


Go to the Quickstart page for rough details of how it works
- or to Amazon & "Look Inside" a book for same (along with the contents of various tab).

You will likely know most of the featured players in the Blues book since at least 8 of them contribute here at times.

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Grey Owl
1100 posts
May 04, 2022
2:16 AM
Congratulations! That must have taken some work. I am certain it will provide a very helpful resource for those requiring detailed tabs for not only blues but other types of music also. Always useful to have a helping hand when journeying along the harmonica trail.

BTW the link to your website is not activating.

Cheers. Grey Owl

Grey Owl
3038 posts
May 04, 2022
5:45 AM
Yeah, it’s not working for me either.
1102 posts
Jun 02, 2022
7:25 AM
Congratulations on publishing this work. We've corresponded on the need for better tab, and I'm confident you've nailed it.
7071 posts
Jun 03, 2022
3:36 PM
Link works fine for me

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