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Harp Guys Talking:  Adam Jason Liam Ronnie Tomlin
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Apr 27, 2022
10:01 AM
This Friday, April 29, the five top blues harmonica teachers on YouTube--a mixture of the longest-lived, the most productive, and those with the most subscribers & views--will be getting together for the first time, on Zoom, for the first of what we hope will be an occasional series of conversations.

We're calling it "Harp Guys Talking." Ronnie Shellist will be hosting the first such event on his YouTube channel. We don't have a direct link yet, but it should show up here:

Ronnie Shellist YT channel

In this inaugural conversation, we're going to focus on our YouTube adventures themselves: how and why each of us signed on and began uploading in the first place; what we've learned; how YT has changed over the years. That sort of thing.

When we got together a couple of months back to toss around some ideas, things got crazy. Something really freeing happens when you put five guys like us in the same space.

We go live at 10 AM Central / 11 AM Eastern / 4 PM London/Edinburgh time.


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