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Help Fnding Old Post
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Apr 06, 2022
2:47 PM
Wonder if anyone can find an old post.
Some time ago a member posted about an amp he had done by Tonetron Amps (Jeff Falla).
Had no luck finding it in Forum Archive and wanted to read it again.
Don't remember the person's name.

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2302 posts
Apr 08, 2022
8:54 AM
The forum search didn't find it, so I Googled "tone tron amps" "modern blues harmonica" and found this short thread. Is this what you were looking for?

New Amp in Town


Doug S.
117 posts
Apr 09, 2022
12:25 PM
Dougharps, yes that's it.
I appreciate your help.
I didn't think of using MBH ih the search.
2305 posts
Apr 28, 2022
6:46 AM
@ Tblues1

Happy to have helped!


Doug S.

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