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Audix Fireball V
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Apr 05, 2022
8:26 AM
Hello fellow harp players!

I just bought a Audix Fireball V. I wanted to use it with my guitar amplifier but as the website says "cause the FireBall V is a low impedance microphone, a quality, low-high impedance transformer (T50k) is required when using a guitar amplifier".

The Audix impedance transformer is not available in my country (Argentina). What can I use as an alternative?
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Apr 05, 2022
10:50 AM
The Audix Fireball V is a very clean mic that handles high sound pressure without distortion and does not have proximity effect. The Shure 545, 57, and 58 all have proximity effect darkening tone when cupping and all will generate some distortion under high pressure cupping. Most of the time the Fireball V is used for a clean harp sound, but it can work with an amp with an impedance matching transformer if that amp has a sound you like. You will need to adjust the tone, gain, etc to your sound preferences.

For using low-z mics with high-z amps I have always used a Shure A95UF. I have only used Shure impedance matching transformers. I run an XLR cable from the low-z mic to the A95UF and then run a short 1/4" cable to the amp. I like the flexible connection to the amp as the cable does not put pressure on the jack in the amp like a plug attached to the transformer might.

I have no experience to judge brands other than Shure.

Greg Heumann of blowsmeaway.com and Rockin' Ron's both sell the Whirlwind Little Imp transformer. HOSA and other companies sell their versions, too.

I am happy with the Shure transformers I use, but if I needed a new transformer that is not a Shure I would probably buy the Little Imp based on Greg Heumann choosing to sell it and Rockin' Ron's choosing to carry it. The Whirlwind Little Imp should be available from other vendors, too.

Good luck!

Doug S.
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Apr 05, 2022
1:05 PM
Most impedance matching transformers will serve (Shure, HOSA, EV), but you may go to a music shop and try a Direct box too. It's easier to find than a impedance matching transformers.

Last Edited by LFLISBOA on Apr 05, 2022 1:05 PM
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Apr 05, 2022
2:05 PM
Direct boxes are set up for high impedance unbalanced 1/4" to low impedance balanced XLR out to the mixer. A passive DI can work low to high impedance with the correct XLR cable and adapter.

If you use a direct box to go from a low-z XLR mic to a hi-z 1/4" jack in a guitar amp you need to

1) use a passive DI because active DIs don't work backwards from XLR low-z balanced to unbalanced 1/4" hi-z.

2) Make certain you have the correct cable and/or adapter for the passive DI to match up on the XLR side.

A passive DI can work low to high-z, but the DI's XLR output accepts the same female XLR end of the balanced cable that the low-z mic uses.

A normal balanced XLR cable has a (female) connector with 3 holes that fits into a mic or DI output. The other (male) end has three pins that are recessed that fits into a mixer or stage snake.

The male end of the XLR cable won't fit your Fireball V or a regular XLR output from a DI. Both the mic and DI out require the female XLR connector with the 3 holes. You would need either a female to female XLR cable, or a female to female XLR adapter to convert the cable.

I have used a passive DI with an adapter this way, but usually find the inline impedance transfomer smaller and simpler.

Doug S.

Last Edited by dougharps on Apr 05, 2022 2:07 PM
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Apr 07, 2022
8:13 AM
everyone explained what u need----u dont need audix transformer---any brand ok

save your box --however u get it--

The inline "unpowered" transformer Can be in a box shape--tube shape--Note where yr gonna put it --

U DONT WANT A"HEAVY TRANSFORMER" hanging down from yr 1/4" in, on yr amp----or sticking straight up from yr amp--- THATS TO MUCH TORQUE ON THE INPUT----like dangling keys in yr ignition with a 1/2 pound weight
attached to yr keys-

Think about whether u want a transformer with cord attached, or just the transformer etc---WHERE DO WANT TO PUT IT-THATS IMPORTANT

I had a fireball I used an inline transformer --on the ground ---right [before] either my Lone Wolf Octave or
Harp break or harp attack----To give it dirt n grit as needed or wanted.

They also make powered Transformers That usually have a volume cut -20db ----neutral ---or + 20db---needs 9 volt usually----mine is at the bar at the moment I use it for my guitar Hiz to low z ---with the electric I use + 20db-----with acoustic neutral have to double check-

The advantage of powered---u can cut or boost transformed signal [before PA or amp] 'if' needed-----
disadvantage in needs 9 volt battery or ac adapter

I tried to find the one I have online couldn't find it ----I thought it was adonner pedal----its purple

Dice "hola" a sus buenos juentes in Argentina


Last Edited by snowman on Apr 07, 2022 8:15 AM
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Apr 12, 2022
3:45 PM
I plug my Audix Fireball into a small mixing board and that does the trick since the board has XLR and 1/4" jacks. Green bullet goes into 1/4".
Soap Music
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Apr 26, 2022
11:26 AM
Anybody remember Fireball XL5? (not the motorbike) The British 1962 puppet sci-fi series.

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