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Help with pedal order
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Feb 13, 2022
9:08 AM
Maxon AD999 analog delay
Xotic EP Clean Boost
EHX Lester G.
Hall of Fame reverb

Hi there all

I have the above pedals, and need advice on the correct order for a good organ sound with a harp. So far I’ve been advised by various online help pages that the POG needs to go first, or possibly second, or immediately before - or perhaps after - the delay, and that the Lester G should go into the POG, except when it shouldn’t. Also that the boost pedal is best at the beginning and near the end of the chain. Conflicting information is really not a lot of help! The only thing I’m pretty sure of is that the reverb should come last, or should that be the clean boost? This is the first time I have had anything to do with amplified harmonica, it was never on my radar, but seeing as how all this has fallen into my lap, (thanks to a bequest from a friend who was a guitarist), it seems to be a bit stupid not to take advantage of it. I am looking at a Harp Train 10 as a harp amp, so am assuming that no overdrive will be needed, as it has a circuit for one built in. I live in the UK, so please don’t recommend all the tasty US amps such as the Stage 5, VHT 6 or Kalamazoo which are not available to me in this country. I have researched the Harp Train 10, it seems to be what I want, and it suits my budget, so I am fairly firm on it. I can always turn the drive down if the organ sound doesn’t require it, although a keyboard player I know seems to have his Leslie on full blast a lot of the time. I will certainly not be playing out until my skills improve dramatically, so years and years. And years. As far as the pedal order goes, I am completely lost, so I would appreciate any advice from people that know what they are talking about, which, from what I can see, includes quite a few on this forum.

Thanks in advance,

(Novice Harpist) Frank

Note: I know that my pedal choice is a bit weird, ie nothing is harmonica specific, but it’s what I received, and I cherry picked those that seemed to be most suitable. This board is going to be purely for an organ sound, I may put another one together with Lone Wolf stuff at a later date after I see how this one goes. The pedals listed above came to me along with an Ibanez Tubescreamer, a Fulltone OCD, a Tone Reaper fuzz, an ISP Decimator noise gate and a Rockbox Boiling Point, (which I believe is an old time top end boutique heavy distortion thing). After doing my due diligence, none of them seemed particularly harmonica friendly. I also got a high gain 50 watt Marshall amp, an empty pedalboard, (apart from a Voodoo Labs power supply) and some patch cables, so I assume he was rearranging things, which he seemed to do on a regular basis. In case you are wondering how I know the amp is high gain, I frequently used to go and see him and his band play!
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Feb 13, 2022
10:50 AM
That's a lot pedals ! But if you have a sound/tone in your head your trying to achieve than your going to have to play around with your gear and not worry about what goes 1st or last based on what people recommend. A lot times less is more. If your trying to copy some body's tone off a recording that can even be more challenging. Tone starts with you & bad tone acoustically will most likely end up bad tone amplified. Gear and amplified harp is a lot fun so good luck in quest.
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Feb 14, 2022
8:52 AM
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Feb 17, 2022
2:36 PM
Lou, I know loads of guitarists, around half of them don’t use pedals, and the other half average around ten pedals per board, so I don’t consider it to be a lot.

Maybe it’s a lot for a harp player? The only harpist’s board I am familiar with is Jason Ricci’s, his has 12 pedals, plus a fairly complex switching system. Maybe his board is an anomaly?
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Feb 17, 2022
2:38 PM
20 REEDS, thanks for the advice, it’s much appreciated.
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Feb 27, 2022
6:57 AM
Some nice pedals there

Did you try the OCD (low gain, low volume) after (or instead of) the boost and then the noise suppressor after the OCD? Again key to harmonica dirt is to keep the loud controls low and the bass up

Question of why you need a boost for harmonica though. Purpose is to drive amps and/or dirt pedals. All of this looks like feedback might be an issue so you might want to look into the LW Mojo Pad

My harmonica board (7 pedals and a Mojo Pad) also has an octaver and a compressor, plus a chorus pedal dimed. These three have really helped.

I love my pedals. Currently 31 on my home guitar setup with 6 rack units (lottsa free time during the pandemic), 9 in the bass setup.

Playing out? 1 modeler and an FRFR for everything
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Mar 16, 2022
3:57 AM
I’m not using the OCD, my amp has a built-in drive channel.

The boost at the end is being used as a sort of pre-amp

The chain I am using is:

Lester G

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