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Apps for slowing down & looping music????
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Feb 10, 2022
7:08 AM
What are your favorite apps for slowing down and looping portions of songs that works with Spotify???

Thank you, Doug

Last Edited by duganderson on Feb 10, 2022 7:49 AM
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Feb 10, 2022
8:12 AM
I use Transcribe
Here is a bunch. It rates transcribe 6th, but I love it.


1] It will let u select part of the song to repeat
2] Slow it down from just a little to super slow.
3] Has a graph with chord and note guesses-
4] Lets put beat markers in and figure the tempo
5[ Change what key its in
6] Loop any section of song

I put a harp or guitar song in , I want to learn
Select the part ,slow it down, loop it

Audacity is free but harder to learn and is more for editing audio to save;

u can put song in
1] select a section or edit entire song
2] change key, speed-without changing pitch, thats
3] cut n paste parts
4] u can record U tube
4] save changes to desktop in sections or entire song

More people will chime in on this cuz everyone has their personal favorite apps or program

My process
I use laptop not Phone

1]buy song---or record it from u tube [ethics????]---
I do do that with audacity
2] save to desktop
I can save it at same key or save in different key or different speed---I ususally just save it as is

3] Then put in Transcribe---Select section I wnat to learn---slow it down in loop
4] record that loop in audacity
5] burn to cd and practice on my way to work and from---I live in the mountains generally u need to look out for deer and thats it--City driving demands more attention

on android I go to dropbox where I saved somthing
click on song --itasks what do u want to open too
I select "music speed changer app" and save in app
again I can loop sections--change key---slow down---loop

Im mainly a laptop guy windows

someone else will chime i on cell phone stuff

All these slowdowners help immensely

Ive even selected '1 note" to find where it is on guitar or harp.



Oh ya have fun when u practice

Last Edited by snowman on Feb 10, 2022 8:13 AM
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Feb 10, 2022
10:49 AM
I use amazing slow downer because I have that running on a couple of machines here. It’s some older software but it works well for what I need
On my phone I use AudioStretch . That might be an apple-only application. I really like that programme anyway.
I have also used garage Band and audacity, mainly when I want to Record stuff with backing tracks.
For all those things I think you’re gonna need to have a file the programme can manipulate.

The other thing people use a lot is YouTube but not for Spotify obvs

What’s that thing Carlos del Junco advocates; I think it’sTranscribe. I’ve never used it but it has a lot of fans
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Feb 12, 2022
6:43 AM
Thanks for the resources. A friend recommended the following and it's GREAT for songs you can find on YouTube or other online songs on video. It is a free extension that you add to your Google Crome browser. When you are in Chrome, you can view the app at the top of your browser and it allows you to change the speed and pitch of the song. Also, also you can mark and loop sections of the song. It even allows you to save a history of all of the songs. Tried it and it works AWESOME!

Here's the app.....it is titled Transpose

Last Edited by duganderson on Feb 12, 2022 9:29 AM
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Feb 13, 2022
1:59 PM
https://aurallysound.com/ is great for desktop music analysis. Does very robust chord recognition, stemifying is "ok", and pitch/speed transposing. ML based.

Paul Cohen aka Komuso Tokugawa
HarpNinja - Learn Harmonica Faster
Komuso's Music Website
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Feb 15, 2022
8:25 AM
Imgonna check the u tube app.

I guess the advantage of having one on a laptop is--u can save tempo change ,key change etc---plus burn to cd or mp3 player etc----For song like whammer jammer its nice to save 1 12 bar go around at slow speed until u have it. Then burn normal speed etc---VERY QUICK REFERANCE WITH NO SET UP TIME

I just checked out Komuso's deal---
I may get it myself--Does more than Transcribe---$50 isn't much to accelerate learning 100%.

Dont know if they a version that u can use.----When u say "app" Im assuming u use yr phone-

Thanks komuso I use to use transcribe and one thats no longer available-----yr app seems to do all the things those 2 did---yrs has a better screen. thanks
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Feb 17, 2022
10:44 PM
No worries, Snowman. Not my app though, just a suggestion. I was toying with the idea of doing something similar when I came across it just before it released, and just went with it instead. It's pretty solid, nicely done.
Paul Cohen aka Komuso Tokugawa
HarpNinja - Learn Harmonica Faster
Komuso's Music Website

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