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Dirty-South Blues Harp forum: wail on! > backing track for Women in Trouble by Carey Bell??
backing track for Women in Trouble by Carey Bell??
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Feb 03, 2022
10:00 AM
I'm looking for a backing track of Women in Trouble by Carey Bell WITHOUT the harmonica. I'm learning the harp part of that song and it would be fun to play along on the song without the harp.


do know of a website that I could pay to generate that? (I know of some sites that let you remove harp, vocals, etc. of songs for making karaoke or jam tracks but can't find a site with this song.)

If that's not available, does anyone have a jam track that would be a good fit for that song even if it's in a different key? I think it's about 53 BPM.

Thank you! Doug

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Feb 09, 2022
10:57 AM
For “Duganderson”

I don’t know how much theory u know, so if Im redundant I apologize.
Im soaking my bones in tub, so I relied on software to tell Key and tempo. Anyone feel free to correct

I always analyze a song b4 making a backtrack. I don’t have time to make one, so I stole from U tube and edited it in Mixcraft as opposed to my normal software pre sonus

Tempo 48 bpm

Key A

I took this one ---

slowed it down—shortened it ---and put from the five at start---sounds weird because it was slowed down—but is correct tempo

U will do that intro lick right after count in---he plays solo –but gave u what would have been playing if entire band was playing with him---best I could w/out making backtrack from scratch

If u know how to work midi---look for
12 bar-- Key A --Tempo 48—Blues shuffle with a Quick change--from the five

This song seems to start from the V (five chord).

After that--- It has 7 full 12 bar go arounds
1 n 2 12 bar is singing

3rd 12 bar ---harp

4th 12 bar guitar

5th 12 bar is harp again

6th final harp

This forced me to relearn how to post, so if u hate nothing lost
Give it a chance its only for practice

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Feb 10, 2022
6:33 AM
Awesome!!! Thank you!!! Can't wait to try this out when I get home.


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