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A #5 to 5 Turnaround Paul Delay
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Jan 24, 2022
10:39 AM
I want to remember how to post and it may helps someone.

Tempo Approx 177bpm
Key G [C harp 2nd]

When Delay sings "drive" thats 1st beat of first measure in the 8 bars---the second to last measure is the turn (#V 2 count----V 2 count )

8 bar I chord vamp (w/ sharp 5 turn)

Well I

G7 1////---------------2////
drive my car-- on the wrong side a road
I mess with the people---- that I don’t know
Tell u somthin else---I aint gonna do
------[7 D#7// ----------- D7//]----[G7 8 ////]
I aint foolin round w/u Well I

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Jan 24, 2022
12:20 PM
Maybe bVI to V to I chords?

I have heard it called sharp V and flat VI, but bVI seems the most used.

Also, I would view it as being part of the last line of the blues verse pattern, not as a turnaround. You could easily add a turnaround to that verse as I hear it.

I am not an expert at chord recognition, so I may be wrong below. Please correct me if I am mistaken.



I7 I7 bVi/V I

This is what I hear, perhaps with some of the chords being 7ths.

Edit: I listened a few more times and made changes to my post. Interesting song. Thank you! I have always liked deLay, but never tried breaking it down analytically.


Doug S.

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Jan 25, 2022
8:33 AM
Im gonna make a backtrack for this song. i have to break the song down like this, to make backtrack.
i suddenly realized I forgot how to make, n post videos, on u tube and then post in mbh.

I'll try to make audio at later date
sorry for any errors

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