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Paul  Delay Again
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Jan 20, 2022
9:42 AM
I found this on my utube channel as draft---I never posted it

Im soaking my back right now, so I cant grab my guitar and tell u the key its in-I forgot the Tempo and cd it was on.

Will find later if u want

Fast jump swing (my favorite) Its a great example of someone who can play the 'ENTIRE HARP' .

I love classic 'tongue block blues syncopated" on the harp. Unfortunately its something every other band member and audience has heard a million times. Holes 1-6 with an occasional token high end note thrown in.

If Paul Delay followed a ripping guitar lead, while sitting in with pro's. He would keep the high energy going with his fast ascending and descending licks on the harp. The ENTIRE harp. The same as the guitar player did.

I believe the people in the band would want him back, because he not only played the classic style, but added a bunch of musical notes to it.

They dont know that the reason he sounded so good was because he played the entire harp holes 1-10, not just 1-6.
They just know, it was as good as any classic player, but sounded so much more refreshing.

Sorry If Im a klnucklehead, but I just wish more players realized that an understanding of the entire harp as an instrument, is very useful even in something as simple as 145 blues.

I rested on this "Paul delay run' for awhile, gonna back to workin on it

I've always been a Rod Piazza Guy, Now Paul Delay and Mark Hummel are right in there.

Heres delay ripping

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Jan 20, 2022
9:44 AM
Gonna look for my backtrack I made for this---It will take me awhile gotta search my external hardive archive
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Jan 20, 2022
10:27 AM
Here is my take on it. Will get better as time goes on. Really makes you appreciate the likes o Paul Delay

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Jan 20, 2022
12:48 PM
I love his playing, but I love his singing and songwriting even more.
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Jan 20, 2022
5:41 PM
So educate me, what position? I have not been a fan of ignoring the top 40% of a harp, yet because it's tuned differently it's not really natural for me to use those top 4 holes. BUT I do use the top 4 in 1st and 3rd depending on what the song needs. Granted I don't do much fast jump swing these days. Still, I am curious how that is accomplished. So having missed Mr. Delay when he was a live, I still seek some enlightenment.
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