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Seydel Solist vs. Seydel Solist Pro?
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Jan 18, 2022
6:14 PM
I was browsing through Andrew Zajac's website the other day, and came across a statement that confused me: under his DarkCombs section, he offers a variety of custom comb sizes for different harps, but he says that the Seydel Solist is different than the Seydel Solist Pro (here's the link: https://harp.andrewzajac.ca/comb/CustomComb ). I Googled "Seydel Solist" and "Seydel Solist vs solist pro" but couldn't find any info on the non-pro version; anyone know what the Seydel Solist is?
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Jan 19, 2022
3:45 AM
I don’t think they make the Solist anymore and I can’t remember what the difference was between the Solist and the Solist Pro. I bought 3 Solist Pro harps about 10 years ago and I seem to recall that even then the plain Solist was on the nose. It was a situation maybe like the blues session compared to session steel except it wasn’t about the reeds, obviously, because seydel brass reeds are in the Solist Pro.
I’ve got a Solist Pro 12 Low C but it’s Easy 3rd so that kinda makes it Low D for practical purposes.
I’m actually surprised the Seydel website listed the Solist Pro as a brass reed Harp. I thought they’d announced they were dropping the brass reeds.
I found the Solist pro covers were really good at pulling my muh muh muh muh muh muh moustache moustache moustache moustache which was my main beef with them
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Jan 19, 2022
1:24 PM
Thanks so much! It's too bad there isn't more info on the plain solists but I doubt many people liked them if they stopped production and you don't even remember what was special about them. I have a Solist Pro as well (10 hole) in G that I can't say I love; I could probably set it up better but right now I'm not too bothered by not using it, I have other harps I like already anyway. Again thank you for the info!

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