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Lone Wolf Epi Valve Jr Mods
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Jan 17, 2022
10:07 AM
Does anyone have a schematic of the Lone Wolf Epi Valve Jr mods? I want to use that treble cut tone control and I currently can't find my copy. Thanks!
7034 posts
Jan 17, 2022
6:30 PM
I would have them somewhere, Markdc. I’ll have a look.
730 posts
Jan 17, 2022
7:08 PM
double checked lone wolfsight----I thinkheis simplifying

found this does it help

186 posts
Jan 18, 2022
1:51 PM
That link won't work for me snowman. I may have found something that works from an old Harmony amp, but I'd still like to see what I was looking for.
7035 posts
Jan 18, 2022
11:42 PM
Found my hard copy. Thought i might have it electronically but have located it yet if so. Ive photographed all the pages though and they seem quite legible. I'll upload shortly and then see about getting a link to you
7036 posts
Jan 19, 2022
3:23 AM
Ok, here’s a link. There are 14 photos. Hopefully you can download. They all look pretty legible to me. I hope it does what you need:


This is publicly available so anyone else who wants it can grab it too I guess. No skin off my nose.
7040 posts
Jan 19, 2022
6:45 AM
From memory, I think Randy made some errors in those schematics too. If you read the notes and look at the amp I think it’s pretty obvious what he meant but it takes a bit of study. Could even be a good trick to encourage engagement
7041 posts
Jan 22, 2022
1:50 AM
Helpful? Or not?
84 posts
Jan 22, 2022
2:22 AM
Helpful for me Dave. I was looking for this a while ago and thought it was lost forever. Thanks.
7042 posts
Jan 22, 2022
2:03 PM
Thanks for that, Prento. These things should work but seems there’s always potential for some unforeseen catch when trying to follow a link to a shared file. The photos seemed ok to me but I’ve known instances where copied files never resolve clearly. I think the light could probably be better on those.
Yeah, there was a fair bit of information residing on the LW site which is probably gone forever.

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