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Hohner Rocket VS Rocket Amp Differences????
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Jan 11, 2022
12:31 PM
Do folks like the Hohner Rocket or Hohner Rocket AMP better?

What are the differences between the two in tone, playability, ease of bending, sound with a bullet mic, sound without mic, volume, etc?

Any preference for Rocket or Rocket Amp for higher keys or lower keys?

Any links to other articles, reviews, etc. welcome.

Thanks, Doug

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Jan 11, 2022
6:16 PM
I have a Rocket Amp in D, a higher key. I have heard others say Amp for higher keys (above C) and standard Rocket for below that. Rocket has side vents, Amp does not (which is said to project all the sound into a mic). All the makes of harps I’ve had sound good. It’s playability that makes the difference. If you put your questions into “forum search” in the drop down to the left you can find many discussions that may help you
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Jan 12, 2022
4:07 PM
I only own two rockets. I bought one in C that was loud and responsive out of the box. I have a customized Rocket in A from Andrew Zajac, Its super loud and responsive. (as to be expected) They both overblow as well. I have been really working on my technique so it might be the reason they have both kept in tune for a long time. I haven't blown out a reed in years or abusing the reeds out of tune.
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Jan 12, 2022
9:47 PM
I have only a C Rocket Amp, but I’ve repaired a couple of standard rockets. The vented covers is the only difference. To me that’s no difference. I don’t care at all. The only reason I have the Amp is because it was given to me, but I’m happy to play it. It’s about as good as any harp I’ve had as far as I care. Some people say it’s better to play unvented harps when using a mic but that’s never been a factor for me.
I reckon they’re really good harps but I don’t need any harps so I just have this one I was given.
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Jan 14, 2022
1:40 AM
As Superbee says, the only difference is vented/unvented covers. Unvented covers suppress the higher resonance frequencies and the sound is "darker," more compressed.

Unvented covers give you a broader range of frequencies and sound "brighter."

As a beginner, I used primarily unvented harps (Special 20, Hammond), because my embouchure was bad and they made me sound less shrill.

Now I am in much better control of my tone and I use unvented harps (MB, Big River), because I want the full range of frequencies to manipulate as I choose.

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