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Balanced/Unbalanced & TS/TRS cord forHarpBlaster?
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Jan 03, 2022
11:01 AM
I'm seeing XLR to 1/4 chord that are balanced or unbalanced? Which is preferred for the Harp Blaster Mic?

Also, the 1/4 jack can also be TS or TRS. Which of these do I want for the Harp Blaster?

Any additional explanation of what these mean would be awesome. Thanks!!!
John M G
449 posts
Jan 03, 2022
5:37 PM
The tip from the jack plug (red or white wire) goes to the pin 3 on the XLR plug. The shield goes from the longer pin on the jack plug to pin 1 on the XLR plug, this should be bridged to the ground lug. That's from the data sheet supplied with the harp blaster. Here's a diagram from the internet but the link or bridge to the ground isn't shown.
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Jan 05, 2022
3:13 PM
John M G.....Thank you for the post but the link you sent is for the Blues Blaster which is a different mic than mine (Hohner Harp Blaster).
John M G
450 posts
Jan 05, 2022
5:10 PM
I've had both the Blues Blaster and the HB52 (both sold) and from memory they both used the same cable configuration. I stand to be corrected though.
I've searched the net as you probably have and get no results for the cable wiring for the Harp Blaster or HB52, that's why I posted the info on the Blues Blaster.
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Jan 06, 2022
6:49 AM
This is what you need

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