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Wolf Playing at a Jam in the Frozen North
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Dec 12, 2021
4:07 AM
Pour yourself a coffee or pop some popcorn before you read this long MBH offering.

On November 24th my wife and I flew to Victoria, B.C. from our small town on the north coast of British Columbia. We had tickets to see Rick Estrin and the Nighcats in Victoria-- one of Rick's rare Canadian appearances.

The show was great. Rick Estrin is one of the three greatest living blues harmonica players. We can argue about that another time. I really posted to tell you about this:

While I was in Victoria, I found a blues jam downtown. I came. I played, with four strangers I'd never met, and won't see again unless I get back to Victoria in the near future. But... it's blues, the universal language. It all worked out, sort of.

The whole two hour jam, with myriad players, was video'd and posted on YouTube.

Of the four songs my group played, only the third followed a pure blues chord progression. The rest... challenged me. Have a listen. I made rhythmic and harmonic mistakes throughout, but I got the biggest crowd reaction of the night when I took a solo turn in the third song, Reconsider Baby.

Here's my 20 minute contribution to the blues jam:

Turn the treble up if your equipment allows you to do that.

Here's the whole two hour jam, if you're interested:

Kudos to Deb Rhymer and the Victoria Blues Society for organising these jams. Vancouver Island has a thriving blues scene, in part because of blues lovers like Deb Rhymer. She's the singer at the beginning of the two hour YouTube video.

wolf kristiansen

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Dec 12, 2021
2:46 PM
Blows my mind how guitar player/wanna-be singers can hit a BLUES jam and play obscure lame songs like that.
Good on you for hanging in.

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