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Shure CM 99J86?
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Nov 19, 2021
12:18 PM
Several Shure CM elements have shown up lately on eBay labeled 99J86. The greenbulletmics.net website mentions no such model number. Is there such a thing as a CM 99J86?
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Nov 29, 2021
8:47 PM
I believe those are a LoZ version, same as the 99C86
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Nov 30, 2021
2:42 PM
I do not recall seeing any 99J and I have had hundreds of elements. The person who works on my mics for many years is Dave at www.harpmicshop.com and I know he works with those Shure Low-Z elements pretty often.
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Nov 30, 2021
11:25 PM
Here’s the address to a yt video, featuring a mic using a 99j86 plus a transformer. The video is 5 years old.
You can find other references to them if you search a bit.

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Dec 01, 2021
4:22 AM
Somewhat related- Some years ago I bought a NOS Electrovoice m43u mic off Ebay. This was a butt ugly military issue mic which had been made in q955, packed, and sat on a pallet with many more mics of that kind until someone bought the pallet at auction. These mics were low-z and had the "wrong" end of a xlr cable built in. This mic was built tough foir use in armored vehicles.
I wanted to use it for harp. Small and dnse and just seemed like a good fit. I contacted Greg Heuman at Blows Me Away mics in California and we discussed the changes I had in mind. I wanted a transformer inside the housing, no inline mess. Also a volume pot mounted in the case. Lastly a screw on connecter so I could use either a vintage cable i had from another mic, or a screw on to 1/4" jack.
Greg did the work like the real pro he is. That was some 12-15 years ago and the mic is going strong today as if it was just put in the mail to me.

Point here is, a small transformer can be utilized to turn a low-z element into a hi-z
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