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Little Walter's sound
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Nov 18, 2021
1:55 PM
“Little Walter didn’t need any stupid pedals.” “just plug your mic into tube amp” Well, here is Little Walter kind of sound made by using modern equipment: quilter 101 (solid state amp), Nocturne Brain Junior Barnyard, Midnight Drive by Rodrigo A. González (rogonzab), Keeley Memphis Sun and cab with 6.5” speaker.
recorded by Iphone XR

Konstantin Kolesnichenko(Ukraine)
809 posts
Nov 19, 2021
1:24 PM
Sounds very convincing! How did Walter do it without any pedals? Maybe he was a time traveler and brought this gear back from 2021.
Ridge's YouTube
1151 posts
Nov 20, 2021
5:17 AM
Sounds so good that I keep watching this video every time that come up.
Sorry for any misspell, English is not my first language.
225 posts
Nov 20, 2021
7:34 AM
LW used reverb on some cuts,Back then that was pedal-ish...

Last Edited by nowmon on Nov 20, 2021 7:36 AM
John M G
447 posts
Nov 20, 2021
3:33 PM
A great job Konstantin as usual.
I find it hard to wind up the reverb to the kind of levels Little Walter used.
It's not a sound you hear many harp guys use at all these days in my experience.
I like it, I'm going to have to have a rethink about using it, but very sparingly and with the right track!
282 posts
Nov 21, 2021
6:41 AM
I've been wondering how the Keely Memphis Sun would sound with harp. It's definitely more of a Sun/Chess studio reverb than a Fender tank. I like it.
689 posts
Nov 27, 2021
2:39 PM
thank you all for kind words!
Rhartt1234, it has built in filters and colours the tone, but I like the final sound.
Konstantin Kolesnichenko(Ukraine)

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