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BBE MS sonic stomp
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Nov 18, 2021
9:05 AM
My older sonic stomp, had the ac pushed in and it broke.

I bought a new BBE MS-92. I was using my stomp for a lead pedal. I cant remember weather I had it in effects loop, or last pedal b4 the front of my amp. For lead it worked great--they popped out. For rhythm I kept it off.

I,m thinking I want to use my volume on mic now, for background rhythm or lead. Then I can eliminate a 2 long cords on stage.

So front of amp (Fake bassman)---Peavy 4x10 clean channel
1] harp shield
2] mojo pad (love this thing)
w/ bass 2-3 oclock
mid 11-1 oclock
highs 10-1 oclock
presense 3-4 oclock
some internal reverb

Effects loop now
Lone wolf delay 1 slapback

Im paying for my blown engine and painting much more than normal. not alot of time to test things.

Any feedback appreciated

hope to do effects loop
1] Delay
2] BBE sonic (leave it on use volume on mic)

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