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Low Blows for Ida- harmonica Blues for Hurricane R
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Nov 03, 2021
12:58 PM
Hi everyone, Tom Walbank here (devontom). I have released an album today on my bandcamp page. It is an album of acoustic solo harmonica tracks and all proceeds got to Hurricane Ida relief in Louisiana and Mississippi. artists involved are Charlie Musselwhite, Kim Wilson, Adam Gussow, Mark Hummel,Joe Filisko, Rick Estrin, Carlos del Junco, Tom Ball, Adam Pritchard, Peter Graham, Adam Sikora,Phil Wiggins, Terry Harmonica Bean, Marco Pandolfi, Vincent Bucher,Charles Pasi, RJ Mischo, Peter Madcat Ruth, Paul Lamb, Paul Gillings, Gareth Tucker, Andrew Alli, Aki Kumar, Bob Corritore, Steve Baker, David Barrett, Annie Raines, Will Wilde, Dale Spalding,Ross Garren, Yella P, Romain Niore, Wade Schuman, Charles Pasi, Ol Shady Pete, Deak Harp, me and Harpdog Brown. Please consider buying this album, if you are a harp fan and please re post with reviews, spread the word! Thank you, Tom

325 posts
Dec 17, 2021
2:42 PM
Rebooting this post, please go to Tom Walbank/bandcamp. Fifty tracks from top players around the world, tell me what you think!
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Dec 17, 2021
3:07 PM
I appreciate that this is for a good cause. I bought it because of that.

What I got is great. Not only good to listen to, but the unaccompanied format really shows off the skill of these world class players and makes it a good learning tool.
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Feb 15, 2022
7:24 PM
New reviews from Blues Blast magazine "If you’re a harp player, Low Blows for Ida will serve as a master class collection for developing your skills. If you’re “just” a blues fan, you’ll love it to."

and also Living Blues magazine "The ultimate harp extravaganza"

please consider buying this album, go to Tom Walbank/ Bandcamp

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