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Quilter Aviator Cub
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90 posts
Nov 01, 2021
10:06 AM
Loving this amp

Last Edited by Tonyblues on Nov 01, 2021 10:07 AM
1149 posts
Nov 02, 2021
11:58 AM
Sounds good! How much does it weight?
Sorry for any misspell, English is not my first language.
2157 posts
Nov 02, 2021
2:17 PM
Sounds sweet. I tried a Quilter Pro Block yesterday. Sounded good, especially with a few pedals.

BronzeWailer's YouTube
93 posts
Nov 03, 2021
9:08 AM
rogonzab it is 21 pounds
1150 posts
Nov 04, 2021
4:04 PM
21 pounds! CRAZY!
Sorry for any misspell, english is not my first language.
291 posts
Nov 07, 2021
11:07 AM
Thanks for posting and great playing. The posted example was on the Tweed setting. Do you find the other voicings to be useful for harp?
Music speaks where words fail.
94 posts
Nov 07, 2021
9:04 PM
Hi Jay! Thanks The other analog voices (black face / blond) are awesome. I settled on tweed for now but the other channels are easy to get to. I need to change the eq each time that's why I stay in tweed for now. And you can use all three voices at the same time ie guitarist wants to plug in... no problem, another harp player wants to plug in... no problem.

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