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Harp mic through a plug in?
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Oct 14, 2021
10:46 AM
Hey everybody. I'm Eric. I used to gig often in the Raleigh, NC area but have been away from music for a couple of years with kids and work. Lately I have felt like all work and no play and realized I miss playing! Well I was on a run yesterday thinking as I do on runs. One thought lead to another and before I knew it I had hammered out a song. I got home in time to spill it onto a piece of paper and started to think that bringing it to life and recording it would be a fun project to get back into music.

My question is- does anyone have experience running a harp mic through an interface and using a plug in/digital amp? I have never used any of those programs before but have been looking into it today. I COULD record everything by mic'ing my amps but with different instruments I felt like the plug in would be the cleanest and more organized way to do it. Any pitfalls or suggestions?

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Oct 14, 2021
2:47 PM
I recorded this with a friend using just Amplitube:

My interface (Focusrite Solo) has a 1M input impedance, so is OK to plug the mic straight in. If you don't know the input impedance you can try using a pedal as a buffer before the interface.
Also, I learned that clean mics works best with plugins. I used a really clean Turner dynamic mic to record that album.
Sorry for any misspell, english is not my first language.
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Oct 14, 2021
3:39 PM
That's cool. I was looking at the focusrite 4i4.
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Oct 14, 2021
6:39 PM
Also, thank you. It makes sense. Your recording sounds really good. I could only hope to put something together this tight by myself.
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Oct 16, 2021
9:21 AM
Ive had cakewalk---mixcraft and [pre sonus online].
U can mess with these things for years and still have minimal knowledge. thats me.

the absolute 'bottom line' with any daw is --lock yrslf in a room, until u understand the options tab or how your playing goes through the interface and into daw.

set up whether u want mono or stereo, which channel etc.

Mixcraft or garage band is fairly straight forward.

how much ram u have 4 ok 8 better---
U can record with a plugin pre-selected or record then find plug in u want.
they have plug ins for amps--effects etc--the more u use the more ram u need

u may be able to use free audacity and go from interface and into audacity. Again options tab

The focusrite is one many use----u only need 1p 2 inputs on interface.

probably didn't help ---but i tried

heres mixcraft


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