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HarmonicakUK Free Online Festival 15-17 October
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Oct 10, 2021
3:42 PM
Join HarmonicaUK on 15-17 October 2021 starting 19:00 BST for our free 2021 Online Annual October Festival.

You’ll not only be treated to workshops with some of the world's finest players, but you’ll also discover the most exciting changes to HarmonicaUK in our 85-year history. We have a lineup that includes players from the USA, Canada, Israel, Argentina, Spain, and the UK.

Artists Howard Levy, Adam Gussow, Antonio Serrano, Will Wilde, Santiago Alvarez, Roni Eytan, Philip Henry, and Robert Legault are confirmed.

We also have a competition, open jams, and a raffle with our 50 exciting and valuable prizes.

For the full schedule, or how to join the competition or raffle, check the HarmonicaUK website ??https://www.harmonicauk.com
?or Facebook event page


Join us on Zoom with the Meeting ID: 942 3074 7187 and the Passcode is: 185909 or click on this link:


We'll also be streaming live on YouTube
?Get ready to be blown away by HarmonicaUK

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