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Power Valves influence on tone?
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John M G
441 posts
Oct 07, 2021
4:01 AM
Is this an avenue worth investigating?
Do different makes of the same power valve have any influence on an amps tone?
I have a couple of amps with EL 84's and while not the favourite of power valves for harmonica usage, will swapping out my Ruby EL 84's for another brand bring anything to the table and if so what are your recommendations based on your experience?
Cheers John
3658 posts
Oct 07, 2021
9:40 AM
From long experience with tube amps since the 70's, many times the brand/manufacturer of any tube, power, preamp, or rectifier tube does matter and some makers work better with certain amps than others because of several different things such as the plate size, the bottle thickness, and that's just for starters. As far as what brand, that choice depends on what the amp originally came with, as in the case of real tweed Fender amps and early Gibson amps all originally came stock using Tung Sols, Marshalls with Mullard, etc. Even the same number preamp tubes from a different company DOES make a difference, regardless if it's newer production or NOS tubes. It all depends on what amp you're going to be putting them into plus your own personal taste.
Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA
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John M G
442 posts
Oct 07, 2021
5:28 PM
Hi Bob, your answer gives me the reply I really wanted and the green light to start playing with this area. I'd spoken with a guitarist friend who wasn't so enthusiastic about there being any real changes.
I like fiddling around with stuff! So I'll give it a go.
Many thanks
Cheers John

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