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Gibson BR-4 amp
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288 posts
Sep 25, 2021
7:52 PM
Anyone have any experience playing through a Gibson BR-4 amp? I'm considering buying one. I really like the old Gibson amps. My Gibson GA-6 sounds amazing.

Jim McBride
81 posts
Sep 25, 2021
8:24 PM
Hi Jim,
Do you plug into the instrument channel or the mic channel. I looked at the schematic and it seems that the instrument channel has one less gain stage which would probably be better for less feedback.
289 posts
Sep 25, 2021
9:49 PM
I haven't bought it yet. But when I go check it out, I'll try both channels.
87 posts
Sep 26, 2021
2:40 PM
I don't know about BR-4 but, played a couple times sitting in with Greg Izor in Austin using his GA-6, great amp for mid-level volume with band. Tone for days with Crystal elements which is what we both had.

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