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Hohner Harp Blaster Replacement Potentiometer
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Dougie Blue
17 posts
Sep 24, 2021
1:08 AM
I could have posted this in the ongoing discussion of this mic, but decided to give it it's own thread so anyone else having problems with their volume pot will see the thread title.

I heard back from SE, and the model is the BOURNS PTD901-2015F-B104. I see different versions of this when I search for it, so make sure it matches what you have in your mic! Posted just in case anyone else has a problem with their potentiometer. It is the 15mm shaft, and the shaft has the flat spot on it, not the knurled shaft with a split.

And, also for your information, SE told me they did not have that part in their Philippines warehouse. So I would have to order it myself. I did - $20, to get 5, half of which is shipping inside the US I have a package getting ready to get forwarded to me here in the Philippines, so it will go in that.

I was a bit disappointed in SE's response. They could drop 2 into a small padded envelope from their China facility and have it here fast and simple! But no, they dumped it onto me. So that package coming my way? It will have a Greg Heumann Bulletini in it! Every opinion I have read by someone who owns both the Bulletini and the Hohner say the Hohner is great, but the Bulletini is better. So I will see for myself.

I am not encouraged to purchase any other SE items in the future. YMMV.
Dougie Blue
19 posts
Sep 27, 2021
4:27 PM
Followup - after ordering the exact part number given to me by SE from an electronics supply house in the US, even making sure the photo matched the item (some did not), I've realized from the info sent by said supply house that I am not getting the correct part - I need the item with the flatted shaft. I'm getting the one with the knurled shaft. Of course, they could not be bothered to insure their photo matched the item. So be sure, if you need one, to get the flatted shaft item!
1 post
Sep 28, 2021
5:11 PM
Doug Blue.
Most potentiometers ( pots ). Can be cleaned by sevisol switch cleaner, or a suirt of WD40. If you look at the pot after disassembly l. You will see a small hole, on the side, or top. This is where you spray with a 1/2 squeeze Turn the pot, to its limits and back. Is the pot noisy when plugged in? Pots are available in America.
Christian Wasmer
28 posts
Oct 01, 2021
9:39 AM
Mmmmhhh…. I would avoid WD40 and stick to a proper dedicated contact cleaner intended for the job.
Christian Wasmer
29 posts
Oct 01, 2021
9:40 AM
Mmmmhhh…. I would avoid WD40 and stick to a proper dedicated contact cleaner intended for the job.
John M G
440 posts
Oct 01, 2021
4:37 PM
I'm with you Christian, WD40 is something to be very wary of. Use a dedicated contact cleaner as Christian says.
WD-40 do actually do a dedicated contact cleaner themselves buy the way

Last Edited by John M G on Oct 01, 2021 4:39 PM
Dougie Blue
21 posts
Oct 17, 2021
5:04 PM
OK, one last update on my Hohner volume pot fiasco - I got the new pots that are the same model, but don't match the image from the website I used - they have a split, knurled shaft vs solid with one side flattened for the set screw.

I was expecting to have to use a side-grinder to knock down the knurled part, and maybe flat one side - but turns out they go right in - the knob fits the knurled shaft no problem, and I lined it up so the set screw that locks the knob on is in line with one side of the split to give it a bit of bite. And, for what it's worth, you need a 1/16" allen wrench for that set screw. Once the knob is off, there is a transparent plastic "washer" (very thin) under the knob to prevent friction, I think - just turn the mic so the shaft is pointed down and drop that into your parts bowl. Needle-nose pliers worked fine for removing the nut on the shaft that holds it to the mic. housing. Under that is a metal washer and a metal device like a thin metal washer cut and bent to a shape that I assume is meant to hold the knob slightly off the back of the mic housing. With the nut off, those two pieces can be dropped into your parts bowl.

Stupid me - I did not take a pic of which wires went where on the pot (I was originally thinking I'd just live with it with no volume control). A few minutes with my ohm meter and I figured that out, but be smarter than me and take photos!

Mic is back up and running - but now I have a Bulletini, and well, sorry Hohner/SE - your mic is nice, but not as good as the Bulletini IMO.

PS: there is no opening that I see into the center for spraying contact cleaner. I tried to get some down the shaft, but it did not help.

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