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Octave pedals
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Sep 17, 2021
7:42 AM
My only interest in octave pedals is when they make my harmonica sound like an organ. The Pog2 I have now can perform that feat, but at a considerable cost. It takes up quite a lot of space though, and it is hard to maneuver; also it requires its own power source: can´t connect it to the power plant.

I´m thinking of investing in a Sub`n´Up, from TC Electronics. Appears to have a preloaded organ sound in the Tone Print. Also not too expensive; size like a cigarett pack.

Anyone with my interest who has tried this one out for gigs?

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Sep 21, 2021
10:13 AM
I used to have this pedal and it was a very good octave pedal, similar to the POG. Like you mentioned the tone print feature gives a lot of flexibility. Regular is a good size but they also have an even smaller mini version if you want to save more space. I think it will be useful if you're going for that organ sound. I would recommend it.

AJ Silverberg

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