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more Modern Blues Harmonica?
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Sep 16, 2021
11:54 AM
In January of 2020 I recorded a session with "Flounder", an unconventional jazzy/bluesy quartet: guitar, drums, bass clarinet/saxophone, and me on low brass and both diatonic and chromatic harps. It's finally been released on Bandcamp and all the other streaming platforms.

When we play live there is lots of harp, but for this record there are only 3 harp tracks out of 10 total, 2 on chrom and 1 solo on diatonic.

Here's the diatonic track -- harp content starts very quietly at around 4:30 minutes, solo at around 5:05:
Space Age

I'm really curious as to what folks think about this: please check it out and let me know.

Thanks all! This community has been a great resource in the approx 10 years that I've been playing harmonica!
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Sep 16, 2021
10:45 PM
I'm a sucker for experimental rhythmic noise via soundtoys (also known as music), so I'll bite;-)

Nice groove, with some good interplay between the honkin sax & harp.

Middle eastern scales on the harp, 5th position or ?

Mixwise I think it's too narrow. It would sound a lot better with a much more spatial mix and positioning the instruments wider. You can also do some interesting spatial effects as well.
Although if that was all done live in one room non-isolated I can understand why it's narrow like that.

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Sep 17, 2021
2:09 AM
The beginning sounds very much like Alabama 3's 'MaoTse Tung said', from their album Exile on Coldharbour Lane. (I highly recommend that for a listen).
And then your track goes very Frank Zappa. It's a 9 minute track and my phone was a bit low on battery so I'll have to comeback to it when I've paid my electricity bill.

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