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SJ Cruncher Ohms?
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Sep 02, 2021
10:46 AM
I think the Cruncher is basically the same circuit as the SJ 410 which is basically a tweed bassman (2 ohms). So is the Cruncher 2 ohms? Thanks.
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Sep 02, 2021
3:00 PM
I have not seen Gary (Sonny Jr) on here so I can give my best answer. I first met Sonny Jr in 1976 at his first gig with Sonny & Brownie and I have owned most every model of his amps and a bunch of custom ones we shared parts on even. The Crunchers (I owned and gigged with one about 3 years in Austin) had special order 2.7 ohm Output Transformers, to match the 3 @ 8phm speakers (dived by 3 = 2.67 ohms). Later he offered upgrade to a larger OT custom made also, to go to a "Super Cruncher" and on many original Crunchers if they wanted more power then he upgraded their OT. I actually have 3 of the original Cruncher Transformers (so I can have built a couple 5E7 Tweed Fender Bandmasters) so if you are looking to build I would sell one. Otherwise, as I understand the Cruncher is based on a Bassman Circuit but, some tweaks to power it down and give the "crunch" they are known for....great amps! Also, the chassis is smaller (same as Fender Tweed Pro/Super/Bandmaster) with one less control and the "presence" control is internally fixed, to open up and keep the three (B/M/T) tone controls.
Good luck!
396 posts
Sep 02, 2021
7:10 PM
Thanks, G.
Reason for question: I was thinking of running an old PA head (w/selectable ohms) through the Cruncher speakers -- just for kicks.

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