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Manji stock combs - are they flat and waterproof?
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Sep 01, 2021
12:47 PM
Hi there!
I have been looking at the Suzuki Manji harmonica, and wondered if that composite comb they are using can be washed easily, and, is it reasonably flat, at least flatter than the crappy pearwood hohner combs?

Thanks :)

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Sep 01, 2021
1:11 PM
Since they are a combination of resin and wood particles they are waterproof, I've used them since they hit the scene years ago. And as far as I can tell they are flat but doing a flat sand job could not hurt.
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John M G
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Sep 01, 2021
6:44 PM
I've never had a bad one and I have several sets of Manji's. Another plus is I find they last much longer than Seydel or Hohner harps.
They also have more securing screws to hold the reed plates flat.
I really like them.
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Sep 02, 2021
6:31 AM
I have some for sale, if anyone is interested.
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Sep 04, 2021
1:31 AM
I've been using the Manji's for the last 10 years. The combs are good, a little sanding has helped a couple of times, the reeds last, and the extra screws do help the reed plates stay flat.

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