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Some harmonica musings in A
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ted burke
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Aug 29, 2021
10:04 AM
Not a bad way to start a steamy late August Sunday morning.

Been having fun also working my new practice amp, a Roland Mini Cube.


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Aug 31, 2021
12:01 PM
Yeah Ted your getting more melodic. Using speed more sparingly makes it more special when you do use it.
712 posts
Sep 01, 2021
8:39 AM
I like the way u use vibrato --it comes in quick---its not easy to add vibrato in the middle of a run, or quickly coming in with it at the end of one.

'Using speed more sparingly makes it more special when you do use it'.
I get too busy sometimes. David barret's "levels of achievement" helps me mellow out. 'Chorus form" memorable and repeating patterns.

I've seen Sugar blue several times and listen to J.Popper sometimes. Lots of harp players, don't like them, cuz they play fast.

My reply;
Ya BUT THEY CAN and it doesn't sound forced, or out of their range of ability.

If I could do that, I would play traditional 'chorus form' and keep it on track. At the right moment, usually after a ripping guitar lead, I'd throw it in, to keep the same energy and for shock value.

I have a buddy who played with ripping guitar player. The guitar player would do a ripping lead and pass it off, to my friend. The energy level drop immediately cuz he never practices speed runs.

Speed runs, are good to have when used sparingly ,it turns heads.

Also playing live can mellow out busy playing--people tend to revert to the basics when nervous.

My old martial arts teacher told me something that stuck. When I started to learn more advanced stuff, I asked how useful is this really.

He said;
Its like math, you'll probably only use the basics of math, in daily life. The more advanced u get, your 'basics level' rises. Your "basics' level becomes childs play. What u use to consider 'kinda hard" becomes your new "basics level" etc. I've found this to be true in anything Im studying.

My buddy never practices or studies new stuff. Stuff that takes weeks or months to learn.

U obviously study and practice.

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