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Chromatic Cases
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Jul 10, 2021
9:42 AM
What do you use to carry multiple chromatic harps in? Do you leave them in their original individual cases? What works for you?
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Jul 10, 2021
5:54 PM
Mine stay in their cases and ride in my Fender tweed case along with my diatonic kit. Mics and cables is another case.
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Jul 11, 2021
7:31 AM
I acquired different keys of chromatic while playing music in a jazz group beyond my ability to play on just a C chromatic. Inexpensive Hering chromatics had notoriously soft reeds, though otherwise were great chromatic harmonicas that were expressive and air tight.

Inexpensive replacement Hering chromatic "Combos" came in 2 part plastic boxes that slid into each other to encase the comb/reed plate assembly for shipping and sale. If I couldn't repair or replace a bad reed I could buy a combo for less than a replacement chromatic and use the old mouthpiece and covers.

To carry my keyed chromatics I taped 8 empty Hering combo half boxes together with the open ends of half boxes side by side and put this in a shallow fabric case to carry them so they don't bang around. I usually carry that fabric 8 chromatic case in my main gig case, a stripped out trumpet case. This old horn gig case also holds 3 Seydel 12 (really 14) harp belt bags, with mic, cable, and other gig necessities including a lyric/chord chart folder. This is a hefty case when loaded, but with it I can play about anything and have redundant diatonics and special tuning diatonics, too.

I can leave the chromatic case in the horn case or take it out for separate use, just as I do with the Seydel belt bags. I consider it a modular system, so I can take it all to gigs in the horn case, or pull out what I need and travel lighter.

Doug S.
285 posts
Jul 11, 2021
8:30 AM
Great experience-based info! Thanks, Doug!
Music speaks where words fail.

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