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Need help with Lyricson You Don't Love Me
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John M G
430 posts
Jul 01, 2021
6:26 PM
I'm trying to find out what Little Walter is singing on the version of "You Don't Love Me" with Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters and Little Walter. Any help appreciated
Cheers John


12 posts
Jul 02, 2021
1:25 PM
Written by: Ellas McDaniel (Bo Diddley)

Find lyrics here:

John M G
431 posts
Jul 02, 2021
6:28 PM
Hi Evets
You'll see that those lyrics are nothing like the lyrics Little Walter is singing.
I just can't make out some of the lines he's singing.
Those are the lyrics I want help with.
Someone has suggested these which are pretty close, the second version of the first verse I think is correct. The second verse I'm still not sure about that 3rd line
Any help anyone?

You don't love me
Didn't ever try
You acting like
I just ain't your style

You know I love you
I cross my heart
???? Weren't so long
Til we had to part

Another suggestion for the first verse is

Girl,You dont love me
Left me here to cry
You acted like
You aint my desire

I have the second verse as
You know I love you
I cross my heart
One why so long ?
Til we had to part
6985 posts
Jul 03, 2021
4:08 AM
You know I love you, I crossed my heart Wasnt quite so long
Til we had to part

That's about as close as I can get. The "quite" doesn't totally convince me but it scans and the "white" sound is in there so if he's just omitted the "qua"sound off the head it works and I think it's consistent with the way he sang sometimes.
This is a pretty loose situation so his enunciation is not as clear as on most of his studio work.
John M G
432 posts
Jul 03, 2021
5:36 AM
Magic SuperBee, makes perfect sense, Thanks

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