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LW mojopad deluxe with hotrod Deville 410
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Jun 10, 2021
3:36 AM
3 years ago I bought a Lone Wolf mojo pad deluxe from Randy when I was at HCH.
I used it once, in the living room at home, with the HotRod Deville. I used to use this amp as my regular stage amp from 2012 until late 2017, and I had modified it to be a bit more "harp friendly". Eventually I grew tired of the sound which was a bit too dirty and loose, so I bought the LW device with the idea of returning it to original circuit and using the pad to tame the pre-amp.
The way everything turned out though, I did return the amp to standard then I set it up with the Sonny Jr 2 alongside, and I hooked up the pedal. I did A-B comparison until I found a way of setting the controls on the Deville which have a result I was happy with.
Then I never used the amp again, until tonight when I took it to rehearsal with the band.

Of course, I've completely forgotten everything I learned from that test session but I just had a go. The amp really wasn't tested for volume tonight, even though the guitarist was using an AC30. It was rehearsal, and the level was such that we could speak loudly above the music and be heard without much trouble.
This is maybe a minor concern. I had the Deville volume up to 8. They go to 12.
The deluxe version of the pedal has 2 settings: -10dB or -20dB. There's also a switch for bright or dark. Maybe it's normal or dark; don't remember. Anyway I had it on "dark" and I found -20dB was too much, so I went for less effect.
The good news is that the amp was really easy to get along with and sounded good. I had bass on 7-8, treble on 5 ish, mid around 5-6. Just a touch of Reverb <2, only using the clean channel with volume around 8, as I said.
I could have easily played tonight with my Princeton Reverb, but thought I should plug the big amp in. It is getting a bit old now, made in '97 (USA factory, export model).
Anyway, just a report, I think a positive report of how the mojopad effectively made a fairly touchy amp quite jam- friendly. I was thinking that since a Princeton Reverb could have done the job, why would you want to use a 410. I suppose maybe just for the all around bigger impact of 4 speakers. Maybe.
That's really my only concern, that maybe if I needed to use the amp in a high volume application I don't know if the pedal might actually cut a bit too much of its potential to make very loud noises.
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Jun 25, 2021
5:11 AM
I use it if I end up plugging in to a high gain amp.
Handy little setup.
Makes things a little less touchy.
I find that it has a slightly positive effect on how the mic sounds in that situation.
10db and switch on Normal seems to work best.
20db sounds too dark to me.
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Jun 25, 2021
8:57 AM
Yep, I found -20 was too much with this amp at least.
I should have a look at what I've got in the pre-amp. I think it's all 12AX7 but it's been so long since I switched it on, or since I remember last switching it on, I can't guarantee I havent pulled a swap somewhere.
I'm gonna try it with my old "jet"

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