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JP Allen turned 55 today!
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Jun 06, 2021
5:05 PM
JP Allen (harmonica.com) posted an update on his recovery. It seems he turned 55 today. The guy seems in good spirits, which never ceases to amaze me, considering what he went through.

As we're emerging from the pandemic and society is starting to recover (at least, in the US), I'm reflecting that it was in late 2019 that JP had his terrible accident. He fell from over 20 feet and sustained several serious injuries. At the time, he was planning for a harp workshop in Hawaii, to take place in February 2020. I was planning to fly out there and teach some blues workshops with him! Then he had the accident and COVID followed shortly after.

Anyway, it seems he's been teaching meditation to people, still playing harp, and even picked up ping pong! If you haven't donated anything to JP, consider doing so. He's just two grand short of his ambitious $100,000 goal. The treatment and care he needs can't be cheap.


It's amazing what we've all been through. Stay well, everyone.
Marc Graci
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