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How's the Seydel 1847 Low Tone?
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Jun 05, 2021
4:29 PM
Hi there, anyone bought one of those over-built 1847 in Low Keys?

Do they play good out of the box?

Also, is it OK to dip that harp in soapy water once in a while to clean crap out of the comb? They say the wood comb is lacquered... but is it really? Or is it like the Marine Bands, where they advertise lacquer but it's really only the front teeth (at least with my hohners)
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Jun 06, 2021
1:06 AM
I have some low Seydel harps. They hold up well and are fine. I haven't gone the soapy water route. But I retired and sold mine because I prefer low key Suzuki Manjis and Brendan Power's Lucky 13 bass blues harmonicas. It's personal preference.
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Jun 12, 2021
4:20 PM
I have a low F Seydel Noble that I really like. I do rinse it out to clean it as with the aluminum comb and stainless reeds, water won't hurt it much. I have had it for many years and have replaced reeds and reed plates at times, but it is still in my kit and used quite a bit.

On a side note, I have had harps with aluminum combs and brass reeds and found that when there is a scratch in the anodize on the comb, you get a small voltage when you connect the aluminum with the brass with your tongue. This is experienced as a strong salty taste.
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Jun 12, 2021
5:04 PM
Marine bands are sealed, but not laquered apart from the mouth side of the deluxe and the crossover. They rinse OK, but don't soak them or put away wet.
It's been a while since I looked at the 1847 maple comb. They are definitely lacquered on the mouthpiece but i dunno about the rest.. Maple would need to be sealed though so I reckon it is, even if it's hard to tell by looking.
Personally, if I rinsed it I would omit the soap, and if I really wanted to clean it I would take it apart.
They probably play fine. The only Seydel harps I care for are a couple of low keys I have. I've seen/played quite a few of their products and imho they seem to have worked out how to do that (low tuned) better than some.

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