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Dating and pricing JT-30
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Apr 24, 2021
10:23 AM
Hello all,

I've come across someone with multiple mics available.

From what era are the JT 30's with the screen printed tag? The internets are telling me from the 80's. If so, what would you pay? Assuming it was in good original working and cosmetic condition?
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Apr 24, 2021
11:31 AM
Some folks will pay a lot, see link -- I think this is the tag you mean. A good replacement element is way better than a weak original one that is merely "working." (I assume you know that many of these original elements are weak.)
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Apr 24, 2021
3:12 PM
I think maybe the main reason people will pay that price for the mic referred to above is because of who is selling it.
Similar schtick used by some other sellers. The idea is that you can spend a lot more trying to find a bargain.
People are nervous about buying crystals because there are quite a few sub-par and generally ordinary ones so if someone like DG is telling you "this is a good one" and staking reputation on it, you might figure it's worth spending the extra just for the solid hit.
I've always been a penny pincher with gear, reluctant to shell out, and I still am really. Where I live though, these types of microphones just don't exist in the community. I'm not going to find one in a garage sale or a charity shop or a local market. I paid $160 of our local play money for a NOS MC151 element, and that was a big leap into the unknown for me. About 18 months ago I saw another offered and enquired about it. The guy was thinking maybe $230 would be fair. That was too much for me. I'd have been more interested if it wasn't NOS. With NOS, all you know is that nobody knows. There's no comeback at all. You are the only person taking a risk. If someone sells you something used and they say yeah I used it and it's great, at least you can hold that against them for the future and depending on whether that matters to them you can judge whether you want to take that risk.
So the point of this burble is mainly that with regards to pricing of mics and particularly Crystal mics, there really is a factor of who is selling it to consider.

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