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Super cruncher upgrade
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Apr 21, 2021
12:27 PM
Has anyone had the amp upgrade from cruncher to super cruncher done and if so is there a significant difference, volume ext ?
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Apr 21, 2021
5:29 PM
I wired in the new transformer myself and swapped the speaker as directed by Sonny.
HUGE difference-more usable volume and fatter mids and bottom.
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Apr 22, 2021
12:46 AM
Thanks Sounds like it's worth me having it done how much would it cost me roughly to get it done and what parts would I need im not a tech so wouldn't be doing it myself

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Apr 22, 2021
8:03 AM
I would suggest calling Gary and asking him.
Not sure what brand output transformer he used for the upgrade.
13 posts
Apr 22, 2021
9:37 AM
Ok I will thanks for the info

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Apr 22, 2021
10:52 PM
I can offer a few things with helpful intent. These would follow behind the initial feedback from tmf714 since I am aware he has in-depth experience with SJ amps AND he has actually changed a Cruncher to Super Cruncher. His feedback is exactly as Gary described it to me when I bought my Cruncher (not a super C).
For my addition, the context would be: first met Gary 1976 on his first Sonny Terry gig and I have owned most all his amps, including several prototypes (the SJ2 & 410's) and amps that we purchased parts together on and were parts of "experiments". I actually have several of the Cruncher Transformers that were pulls, to go into Bandmaster replicas. And another new custom 2.7 ohm that is from his latest amp (huge custom 2.7 ohm), going into a custom hopped up Bandmaster. Suggest you email him SONNYTONE@aol.com and share your situation, he often has things that are not out yet or he may have the parts you need. I don't want to get too far ahead of what he may do.
The transformers are Heyboyer but, his are custom made for him. I had a Cruncher and gigged/recording sessions with it in Austin 2013 +/- (I have a little demo of on my "GabrielN" YouTube or search Sonny Junior Cruncher. The stock Cruncher did great in many settings, came up short when hired by a rock band whose album I played on to do a live show. Otherwise, are you coming up short on volume? I know Sugar Ray Norcia's was upgraded but, some people (I think Gary Smith) have left theirs stock.
If you need that extra "oomph" to keep up with someone as tmf714 said it gave him more. For many gigs hired by several bands mine as stock did just fine.
Either way you have a great amp!

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