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Apr 17, 2021
10:13 PM
Hi there—
My buddy Mike Peace (fellow Okie and harp tech) sent me a real nice Hohner Marine Band 365 (14 hole), he powder coated the cover plates and put screws in, mounted it on a Zajac comb.
I decided to try something different on the top end, if you have ever played one, you know that the top octave gets funny.
I will do a YouTube video in the next few days to demonstrate, but here is the main thing—hole ten is like normal, draw A, blow C, but then hole 11 is blow C, draw B.
It turned out very interesting, you can blow bend the C note to get a Bb, and there is a B natural right next to it (th draw note).
Still can’t get a blue note in the octave previous to it without an overblow (or a valve), but I’m liking the possibilities.
So there are two C notes next to each other—I tune the first of those pairs to Bb on chromatic (bebop tuning), but it seems to be a better way to tune the 365.
Thanks to Mike for his work.
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Apr 18, 2021
10:59 AM
If you're a careful, you can do a smooth ascending bend from the Bb in HOle 10 all the way up to the G in Hole 12 by shifting "gears" where the bend on one hole overlaps either a bend or the unbent note in the hole to the right. I used to do this at the end of C-Jam blues with the Bunch O' Guys
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